"Salveation was a salvation for me"

"All I can say is that Salveation was a salvation for me.

I suffer from a rather embarrassing rash (let me put it this way it’s in a place where the sun doesn’t shine).

My doctor gave me a row for using a fungicidal/steroid combo cream daily as it has side effects.

He and my pharmacist both prescribed petroleum jelly in lieu of this but it was useless.

I luv salveation and considering you ship from across the pond the service is always spot on.

Natural products rule!"

— C. Karlson,
Philadelphia, US

"Free from body odour the whole day – even after my 2 hour workouts"

"My boyfriend bought me ProSkin Athlete for Men as I am allergic to anti-perspirants and deodorants.

I only need to apply it once in the morning and it keeps me free from body odour the whole day (even after my 2 hour workouts there is no noticeable BO smell.)

I will continue to purchase it from you and only wish there was a stockist here in the Boston Area."

— L. Sanchez,
Boston, US

Our Story

Wedding Day

Back in 1997 when we got married in the Dominican Republic. When our weddings photos were being taken on the beach it soon became apparent that it was a bit too windy for a true Scotsman wearing a kilt!!!

Mama Nature is the natural skin care division of SinuSoothe Ltd which was formed in the UK in 2009 by James and Jacqueline Shearer after they both suffered terribly from sinusitis.

The Eureka Moment

Jacqueline had suffered from sinusitis for over twenty years and James, due to significant stress in the workplace, also developed it.

They had been to various doctors and ENT specialists and had tried everything under the sun to try and rid themselves of this dreadful condition but to no avail.

As James got out of the car a cold wind hit him straight in the face and numbed his pain for the first time in almost three years.

At that moment he knew if he was to rid himself and his wife of this horrible medical condition he would have to take matters into his own hands.

Holding a Science Degree and being naturally creative, James, with the help of his wife, set about formulating a natural alternative to the pharmaceutical nasal sprays.

They not only cured their own sinusitis, giving them a new lease of life, but family and friends were also using it with great success.

The Recession was Hitting Hard

The recession was hitting hard and like a lot of families they were really struggling to the pay their bills. They were even contemplating selling their family home which they had worked so hard for.

The stress of this was starting to take its toll on James’ health and they desperately needed additional income.

After much deliberation and many sleepless nights they decided to set up a business and sell their ground-breaking nasal spray to the general public.

At that time banks were very nervous of lending to startup businesses and they were told they would have to fund it themselves. Things were looking really bleak however through sheer willpower and determination they managed to scrape together enough money to set up their business.

Success in the States

Their natural nasal spray SinuSoothe has proved a huge success, particularly in the United States.

It is getting rave reviews, even being called a ‘Godsend’ and is being prescribed by Doctors in the United States for all types of sinus conditions such as sinusitis, sinus allergies, rhinitis and nasal spray addiction.

Innovative Skin Care Products

James and Jacqueline are innovators and this even more prevalent in their natural skin care range.
Together with their team of skin care experts and research and development team they have created a wide range of unique natural skin care products that are changing people’s lives for the better and that people are enjoying.

We believe that natural is best and we care passionately about our natural environment.

We want to continue making a real difference and our philosophy is simple – to improve the quality of life of our customers through our natural products and not harm our environment or other animals while we do so.

At Mama Nature WE CARE. We care about people, we care about our natural environment and we care about all of the living organisms we share this beautiful planet with.

Despite facing stiff competition from the more well known, purely profit driven, synthetic, mass produced skin care brands that are available on the High Street, like a beautiful flower on a sunny day, we are flourishing.

People prefer our natural, freshly handmade to order skin care products.

We want to send a message that you can have a successful business and still care.

A Happy Team Means Great Products

We provide a happy, joyous, stress free working environment and that means all of our products are made with love.

The members of our team are extremely skilled at what they do and they are extremely conscientious.

They take a real pride in what they make.

Some of them even like to sing and dance while they work but please don’t tell Simon Cowell just in case he head hunts any of them :).

Although we take a fun approach in our work environment that does not in any way affect the quality of our product and we still operate strict quality assurance procedures to ensure that you get consistent, top quality skin care products.

All members of our team are treated with the utmost respect and we support their work-life balance.

We encourage stress reduction techniques and have many free stress reducing facilities such as massage chairs and yoga apparatus.

Some of our team joke that they wish they didn’t have to go home. Why shouldn’t work be fun?

Members of our team can opt for a flexible work week which means they can schedule their work around their personal life and families.

After all life is about balance isn’t it? (we think a tightrope walker came up with that saying).

We are like one large happy family and this philosophy is carried through to the way we treat and respect our customers.

We hope you enjoy our recipes!

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“I never expected your Rosacea cream to work. I wish my doctor had prescribed it all those years ago. However no point looking back YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE.”

D. Patesh, Crewe

“Your anti-wrinkle creams are amazing and I absolutely love your face masks. My skin has never looked or felt better. Thanks xx.”

C. Cooper, Brighton

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